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    Archaeological Museum Zadar (Tuesday, 20. November 2018.)

    Working hours: 09:00-14:00
    Archaeological Museum Zadar was founded in 1832 as the second museum in Croatia at the time. It is located in the historical center, next to the Roman Forum. The ground floor of the museum exhibits archeological findings (7th-12th c.) the largest part of which is connected with the material and spiritual culture of the Croats. The objects of Roman antiquity are displayed on the first floor including world significant monuments: one of the most beautiful statues of Emperor Augustus in the world, the statue of Caesar, Tiberius and one of the Emperor Tiberius' successor, interesting objects from everyday life of the Romans, a unique fibula of the wolf with Romulus and Remus, ancient Roman jewelry and more. The second floor exhibits the prehistoric archaeological material dating from the Stone and Metal Age.


    Please present your printed ticket at the main entrance in the Museum.