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    BIOKOVO - Nature Park (Tuesday, 26. September 2017.)

    Working hours: 07:00-20:00
    Biokovo was because of its unique geomorphologic, exquisite bio-variety and natural landscape beauty proclaimed a park of nature in 1981. It spreads over an area of 196 Km2 and covers the mountain from the joint of Dupac to Gornje Igrane with a length of about 30 km. In the park there is the Biokovo botanical garden Kotišina, located on the coastal slopes of Biokovo above the village of Kotišina. Biokova has all the present phenomena of karst – sinkholes, cracks in limestone, caves, icicles and a pit which is the fourth (-832) deepest pit in Croatia. At first glance poor and naked, Biokovo is rich with numerous plant and animal types. With the occasional ancient forest of breech, fir, and the black Dalmatian pine tree, we also find a great number of plant types, among which are endemic species such as the Biokovo bell and others. T he animal world of Biokovo is rich and full of variety, with numerous endemic special and tertiary relics, and the underground fauna hides a true treasure with actually 60 endemic species. Many traces show of co-life with man and the mountain such as archeological remains, churches, chapels and shepherd’s apartments. Up to the top of Biokovo, St. Jure, other than mountain trails there is a road 23 km long which is also the highest asphalted road in Croatia.


    On-line purchase for these tickets is not possible yet.
    Ticket Type Price
    Three-day tickets - per person 100.00 kn
    Daily ticket - per person 50.00 kn
    Seven-day tickets 250.00 kn
    Please present your printed ticket at the main entrance.
    Regular ticket - "per person" includes one-time entrance and sightseeing of Nature park Biokovo.
    "Pedestrian & cyclist entrance ticket" doesn't allow you to enter with vechicle. Please have in mind that you need to be in good shape to master the ascent.

    Entrance is free of charge for children up to 7 years.