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    Holy Redeemer Church in Otavice (Tuesday, 26. March 2019.)

    Working hours: 09:00-16:00
    Rapid rivers, karst fields and authentic stone houses of the Dalmatian hinterland villages is an idyllic image that will long remain in your memory. If you decide to explore the natural phenomena and cultural treasure of the Dalmatian hinterland visit Otavice, the birthplace of Ivan Meštrović. This world renowned sculptorworked in the first half of the 20t century. Although he spent a big part of his life in America Meštrović's wishwas to be buried near Otavice,in the Church of the Holy Redeemer.The church stands on a hill in the middle of Petrovo polje, offering views of the fertile fields and the river Čikola. Built according to his ideas, the church is a unique blend of memorial, artistic and religious building. Besides being the final resting place of the Meštrović family, it is used for holy mass services. Art lovers and those respecting the work of this great artis will not skip this place.