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    Ivan Mestrovic Gallery (Tuesday, 26. March 2019.)

    Working hours: 09:00-16:00
    Meštrović Gallery was once the family home, studio and gallery space of one of the greatest, contemporary artists, theworld renowned Ivan Meštrović. It was built according to his ideas in the thirties of the last century, in one of Split's most beautiful neighborhoods with a spacious Mediterranean garden and a unique view of the sea. Meštrović's masterpieces executed in marble, bronze, wood and plaster, are united with this space. The permanent exhibition covers all periods of the artist's creativity, with the human body as  a constant inspiration. In the vicinity of the Gallery is the sacred-art complex of Crikvine-Kaštilac. Take a walk around the renewed agricultural property from the 16th century, where the artist's high aesthetics and sense of harmony can be identified.


    U cijenu ulaznice je uključen posjet Galeriji Meštrović i kompleksu Crikvine - Kaštilac.

    Galerija Meštrović je samo 15 minuta hoda uz morsku obalu udaljena od splitske Rive ili 3 minute automobilom/autobusom. (Mjesto za parkiranje nalazi se 50 m istočno od Galerije.)

    Sakralno-umjetnički kompleks Crikvine-Kaštilac udaljen je od Galerije Meštrović 250 m prema zapadu.