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    MEDVEDGRAD, medieval castle in Nature park (Sunday, 19. November 2017.)

    Working hours: 10:00-18:00
    On the Mali Plazur, a hilltop on southern slopes of Medvednica, stands the picturesque medieval burg which has been watching over Zagreb for last eight centuries. Medvedgrad was built in the 13th century after the Tartars’ invasion, on the Pope Innocent IV initiative. T hat was during the reign of the bishop Filip, a close associate of Croatian-Hungary king Bela IV, who supported the construction of Medvedgrad. Medieval Medvedgrad was arranged for nobility and heavily fortified with double walls, moats and guard towers. It also had water tanks, a chapel and two palaces. It was abandoned after a devastating earthquake in 1590. Since 1979. it was partially reconstructed (south tower, large and small palace, town walls and octagonal chapel of St. Philip and Jacob). Strategically perfectly situated and very well built for those times, Medvedgrad was always at the center of fights for wealth and political influence. In its history, Medvedgrad has seen many masters: from the Croatian-Hungarian kings and nobles to the Z agreb bishop and canons, who had gained the ownership through arranged marriages, purchases or even conspiracies. In the 1994 under the southern tower the Altair of homeland, the work of the sculptor Kuzma Kovačić, was erected in honor of all Croatian heroes. Stone cubes from different parts of Croatia recall the Croatian coat of arms, while the glass elements shaped like tears symbolize the difficult history of the Croatian people. Medvedgrad had a turbulent history accompanied by many stories and legends. Certainly the most famous one is about Crna kraljica (the Black queen, Barbara Celjska, the wife of the king Sigismund) who had her young lovers executed after getting bored with them. T he legend says that one of her lovers was the count Dracula.


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