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    NORTHERN VELEBIT - National Park (Tuesday, 26. September 2017.)

    Working hours: 08:00-20:00
    Northern Velebit is an ideal destination for those who prefer active holidays and recreation in a pristine nature with a sense of true wilderness. Cycling, hiking, photography – the choice is yours. The most famous sites in the park are Zavižan, Velebit Botanical Garden, Premužić Trail, Štirovača, Alan and Lubenovac. Zavižan and Alan are the areas of rich green forests and huge limestone block surrounded by peaks which offer magnificent views of the sea and Lika. In the Velebit botanical garden you can enjoy the diversity of plant communities. Štirovača is  extremely rich with spruce and fir forests and the only humid habitat in the Park . Lubenovac is a spacious meadow rich with remains of ancient dwellings and dry stone walls which testify about former life of people on the mountain and represent the cultural heritage of this region. Premužić trail takes you to the very tops of Velebit and amazes you with its performance and diversity of the  karst forms. To win the mountain is what people usually say before climbing one, but Velebit is surely a mountain that wins its visitors.


    On-line purchase for these tickets is not possible yet.
    Ticket Type Price
    Adults 45.00 kn
    Children 25.00 kn
    "Regular ticket" includes one-time entrance and sightseeing of North Velebit.
    Please present your printed ticket at the main entrance - Babić Siča. This entrance lies on 1300 m above sea level, and leads you to Velebit Botanical Garden and Zavižan. Zavižan is reach by a 7 km dirt (macadam) road from the entrance.

    "Pedestrian & cyclist entrance ticket" doesn't allow you to enter at Babić Siča  with vechicle. Please have in mind that you need to be in good shape to master the ascent of 7 km to the Zavižan.

    Ticket is valid for three (3) days.
    Entrance is free of charge for children up to 7 years.