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    Starigrad Paklenica

    PAKLENICA - National Park (Tuesday, 20. November 2018.)

    Working hours: 08:00-20:00
    A breathtaking beauty of the mythical Croatian mountain Velebit reaches its peak in Paklenica National Park. On area of a mere 95 km2 we meet an exceptionally great richness of geomorphologic phenomena, the diversity of flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature.
    Due to the fact that it has a limestone and dolomite structure, Paklenica is distinguished by the richness of karstic phenomena such as karrens, karst ponds, pillars, natural bridges, pits, caves, etc.
    The largest caves that have rich decorations are Manita peć cave, which is prepared for tourist tours, and Vodarica Pit.
    Paklenica was named after black pine rosin, the so-called „paklina“, that was used for coating boats, and very often in folk medicine.


    On-line purchase for these tickets is not possible yet.
    Ticket Type Price
    Adults 20.00 kn
    3-day ticket 40.00 kn
    Students 15.00 kn
    Children (7-18 years) 15.00 kn
    5-day ticket 60.00 kn
    “Manita peć” cave sits at an altitude of 570 m, and the walk up from the parking lot at Velika Paklenica takes about an hour and a half.  If you decide to visit “Manita Peć”, you will spend about 30 minutes in the cave accompanied by a guide. The temperature in the cave is around 9°C all year round, so we recommend that you bring adequate clothing and when visiting during the warm season. Tours of the cave are only allowed with a guide.
    Opening hours of “Manita Peć” cave:
    April – Saturdays from 10 - 13
    May, June and October – Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 - 13
    July, August and September – every day from 10 - 13
    Smaller groups (up to 20 persons), in the days when the Cave is not open regularly, have to hire guide at price of 400 HRK.