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    PREMIERE - The Legend of Arthur and the Dragon (28.06. - 21:30 h - Žrnovnica) (Friday, 28. June 2019.)

    Working hours: 21:30-23:30

    At the mythical location of the Perun Hill (ex stone pit), we bring you a spectacle with horses, carriages, thunders and lightning, two wizards, soldiers, two scenes and one timeless love that connects two different worlds.

    3 acts are at the Arthurs castle (early Middle Ages) where he lives peacefully with his wife Ingrid, daughter Myrta and son Darius. He receives a guest from the east: the wise of Tahir. Ingrid dreams a strange dream, and Tahirs interpretation predicts the dramatic plot...

    3 acts are at the court of the Dragon–Veles (earlier Slavic mythology). The Slavic priest Žrec-Crnovir obeys the demands of his god Veles, goes to the other world to kidnap the girl for Dragon-Veles and enters into his last fight with Merlin the wizard...

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