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    MEDVEDNICA - Nature Park, VETERNICA CAVE (Saturday, 30. September 2017.)

    Working hours: 10:00-16:00
    Not far from the buzzing capital in the southwest corner of Medvednica, without special equipment or speleological knowledge, you will discover beauties of a carst pocket hidden in woods, the Veternica cave. For long time this cave, the longest one in northern Croatia, was hidden form contemporary man and science. Nevertheless, in prehistorical times it was known to and used by the cave man – the Neanderthal, and the cave bear. Veternica survived both glacial and interglacial periods, and preserved numerous archaeological treasures. Our guides will tell you a story about fossils, shells and sea urchins, an ancient life when this was a sea. Veternica cave is nowadays inhabited by organisms adapted to life in darkness, coldness and high humidity. Among them we take special care of protected bat species, trying to disband firmly implanted prejudices about them.


    On-line purchase for these tickets is not possible yet.
    Ticket Type Price
    Adults 40.00 kn
    Children 20.00 kn
    Students 25.00 kn
    Senior citizens 25.00 kn
    Family ticket (parents with children) 70.00 kn