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    VOCAL SAMPLING (Cuba) (24.07. 21:30 sati Zadar) (Wednesday, 24. July 2019.)

    Working hours: 21:30-23:00

    5. ZADAR JAZZ & BLUES ( 24.-26.7.2017.)

    Museum of Ancient glass 9.30 pm

    René Baños Pascual / director, copmposer, arrangements / lead &backing voices

    Oscar Porro Jimenez / bass voice

    Reinaldo Sanler Maseda / lead & backing voices

    Pedro Guillermo Bernard Coto / percussion voice

    Luis Alberto Alzaga Mora / lead & backing voices

    Ruben Dario Perez Guerra / lead & backing voices

    The musical kingdom's illusionists !

    The Cuban group that made musical instruments from their voices,

    becoming the illusionists of the musical Kingdom.  Aware of their cultural

    roots, with an unquestionable and undeniable stamp that characterizes

    Cubans, these six men, with nothing else but their voices, move very

    comfortable among the most dissimilar rhythms, from the so-called art

    music to the popular one. Concert of Vocal Sampling is to participate in a

    magic show!

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    TOTAL: 0.00 kn
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