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    MEDVEDNICA - Nature Park, ZRINSKI MINE (Sunday, 01. October 2017.)

    Working hours: 11:00-17:00
    The beech forest near Grafičar mountain lodge hides the mysterious underground of Medvednica. Open the wooden doors of the Zrinski mine, step in its tunels and take a journey five hundred years into past. Touch five hundred years old tools, hear tired moans of miners, their prayer to St. Barbara, the strict voice of Bergmeister, and water dripping.Feel the scent of underground, its coldness, darkness and fear of unknown, touch the cold rock that hides galena, the mineral invaluable in the past, the source of silver. The experience of Zrinski mine is unforgettable adventure for both children and adults. The Zrinski mine is medieval silver mine, the first one in Croatia opened for visitors. During 16th and 17th century people used to mine there in search for silver, aquired by smelting lead-glance or galena. After the mine was abandoned, buried and forgotten for centuries, the Nature Park Medvednica Public Institution turned it into a tourist attraction. The mine is named after governor Petar Zrinski whose family has been an important landowner in Croatia for centuries. Stories about mining are told in pictures, tools, statues of miners, scents and colours. Our expert guides will keep you from getting lost.


    On-line purchase for these tickets is not possible yet.
    Ticket Type Price
    Adults 23.00 kn
    Children 18.00 kn
    Students 20.00 kn
    Family ticket (parents with children) 50.00 kn