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    10 outdoor activities you should experience in Croatia

    Whether you're planning to go deep below the surface or high above the clouds, Croatia offers a unique landscape to savour all kinds of outdoor activities

    You are adventurous and like to fill your vacation with new and exciting experiences? You love nature and sports in all their varieties? Then you should definitely take a closer look at Croatia. With its multi-faceted natural beauty, its clear waters, high mountains and blooming, green landscapes Croatia is much more than just a nice spot to spend your summer holidays. The young and vibrant country offers an extensive range of appealing activities during any season of the year. Better pack your back end experience it yourself!

    #01 Hop on a balloon and change perspectives: Move up to the clouds and drift over some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. Depending on the winds, you can take a flight over Zagreb and enjoy the views of the city or escape the city ruffle and fly over the beautiful hills of Zagorje. You can either fly in the morning and marvel at the rising sun or enjoy the evening hours during which the whole ground is bathed in golden light. No matter which flight you choose - this magical view is truly unforgettable.

    #02 Follow the river in a kayak: For those who are a little more adventures kayaking on Mreznica river is the perfect option to be physically active whilst exploring the beauty of nature. With its clear emerald water and its pure unspoiled nature, Mreznica is one of Croatia's most charming rivers. Numerous travertine waterfalls interspersed with calm water make it ideal for kayaking and canoeing. If you’re able to take your eyes off the water you may even get chance to observe some of the exceptional plants and animals Mreznica is home to.

    #03 Take the plunge in Biokovo: If you're looking for a real thrill you should definitely go paragliding at the impressive nature park Biokovo in the north of Croatia. Climb up the mountain and feel absolutely free whilst gliding through the air. The view you'll have is incomparable as you can perceive the whole variety of the country: There's not only the flourishing nature to admire but also the nearby coastline with its picturesque villages.

    #04 Explore Slavonija on the back of a horse: Horses can be found in all regions of Croatia, but they are nowhere as popular as in the north-western region. Slavonija is rich of horseback clubs and societies who will teach you how to keep in the saddle with much warmth and patience. By the moment you’ll sit on these noble creatures you’ll never want to stop riding through the magnificent landscape anymore.

    #05 Cycle along the Plitvice Lakes: Whilst for some people the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse, others find it more pleasant to sit in the saddle of a two-wheeler. Plitvice Lakes National Park has the most enchanting cycle paths in Europe and every area is open to bicycles. This gives passionate cyclists the opportunity to see an enormous blaze of colour. But even more fascinating than the plants are the magnificent waterfalls and basins in this park. Those who are not in the best shape don’t have to boggle as most of the cycling paths are not very challenging. Simply choose the route that you find most appealing and go for it!

    #06 Climb up the mountains: Northern Velebit is another gorgeous national park that is worth a visit. As it is very mountainous, hiking is the only way to really get to know it. The Park area contains trails and paths for both tourists and experienced mountaineers, leading to the highest peaks of Velebit mountain range. No wonder that the European Commission has named the park as a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN): The park unites two different sceneries, the coastal region and the mountainous zone. Its mountainsides are home to animals such as wildcats, bears and wolves, while deep sinkholes and caves ensure plenty of scenic diversity.

    #07 Treat yourself in a toplice (thermal spa): In the northern Part of Croatia, 20 minutes away from Varazdin, you’ll find the springs of Varazdinske Toplice. Like many of Croatia’s thermal spas, Varazdinske Toplice was frequented by the Romans. The tiny charming village lets you soak up the culture of earlier times: Just around the corner of today’s spa you can find the ruins of the old Roman Bath Aquae lasae, which was predominantly used during the 3rd century. Whilst the latter only functions as archaeological site nowaydays, you won't be shivering in the hot springs of the new spa that can reach a temperature of 58°C (136°F).

    #08 Observe the diversity of birds: Kopacki rit is a real natural treasure that offers a unique experience for lovers of pristine nature. With its numerous backwaters and ponds it is one of the most important, largest and most attractive preserved intact wetland in Europe. Thanks to that the natural park is home and shelter to around 260 various bird species which make birdwatching particularly exiting for both beginners and experts. However, even though this lovely and healthy hobby might not be associated with a community activity in the first place, especially absolute beginners could find it beneficial to have a knowledgeable companion with good ears and eyes to distinguish the individual breeds.

    #09 Join a guided tour through Modrič cave in Rovanjska: Be prepared for a breath-taking journey. Equipped with overalls, helmets and carbide tanks you will discover the impressive flowstone cave with all senses. Under qualified guidance you’ll make your way through submerged shafts to finally find yourself in the fascinating setting of uncountable flowstones. The cave itself is a true wonder as it is still almost completely untouched: There are neither lights nor rails or human damage to the interior. If you are in the Zadar area this cave is definitely a must-see.

    #10 Test the ziplines in Omiš: You’re searching for an adrenaline rush then reach out without fear and descend through the canyon of Cetina River down some steel wire ropes. Secured with a belt you can accelerate on eight wires with a total length of 2,100 Meters. This amazing adventure gives you up to three hours of unforgettable fun in the middle of the green mountains and turquoise clear lakes. As long as you don’t suffer from acrophobia this will be the ultimate activity for action-lovers.

    For more information, visit: http://croatia.hr