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    Museum of ALKA

    Godziny otwarcia: 09:00-17:00
    The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Alka meets the highest museum standards, both in terms of presentation and technology, and stands side by side with the finest museums in the Republic of Croatia. The museum display includes a wide variety of uniforms, equipment and weapons used by the alkars of Sinj, together with Alka statutes and rulebooks presented in modern digital form.The story told by the archive materials is an indispensable part of the history of Sinj and Cetinska Krajina, as well as of the history of the Republic of Croatia in its entirety. The basic guiding principle is to bring each visitor closer to this valuable cultural heritage, whose importance has also been recognised by UNESCO. As of yet, it has never been possible to experience everything about the Alka of Sinj in one place – however, the Museum of Alka will now provide all who are interested with this unique opportunity.

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    Please present your printed ticket at the main entrance in the Museum.