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    Croatia Tickets® is a new online ticketing service owned by Slobodna Dalmacija Split, Croatia. Croatia Tickets® offers a wide range of contents related to tourism and travel, such as tickets for tourist attractions, museums, national parks, and nature reserves, cultural, entertainment and sporting events, tickets for trips on various carriers, travel packages, excursions and etc. In addition to the sales service, Croatia Tickets® provides users with interesting and useful information about tourist destinations, thus presenting at the same time an influential promotional channel for Croatian tourist offer.
    Croatia Tickets® provides sales service through a webshop on www.croatia-tickets.com
    On a simple and attractive web interface our offer includes several categories: transportation (sea, land or air), natural beauties (national parks, nature parks and nature reserves, caves, grottos), attractions (fortresses, towers, castles, aquariums, aqua parks, amusement parks), cultural institutions (theaters, museums), events (concerts, exhibitions, performances) and attractive excursions.
    We provide our customers with a 100% safe purchase and protection of data and the customer support service available at all times. The contents that we present are authentic and of a high quality, and are available to users around the world, 24 hours a day.
    Slobodna Dalmacija, the founder and the owner of Croatia Tickets® is a daily newspaper with the 73 years long tradition and a wide portfolio of publications in the tourism sector. As a part of the national publisher HANZA MEDIA, it is one of the most important media in Croatia and the sponsor and media partner of almost all significant events in Dalmatia.

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