What is Croatia Tickets?

Croatia Tickets is an on-line ticketing service for tourist attractions in Croatia. The offer of Croatia Tickets is presented on the bilingual tourist web site that promotes Croatian attractions and events. In just a few clicks visitors can book and buy tickets for trips, excursions, attractions and events. By booking and buying tickets through Croatia Tickets users avoid crowds and queuing while agencies benefit from the same as well. Therefore Croatia Tickets is imposed as an ideal service for organizing travels, but also as a central platform which covers a wide range of services and products and service information in one place.

Is there any difference between buying a ticket for an event or for travelling?

On Croatia Tickets there is no difference whether you are buying tickets for events or transport. Tickets are selected, put in the cart and paid with a card. After receiving the ticket by e-mail, it must be printed and presented at the entrance to a certain location or means of transportation. The physical appearance of ticket is also the same.

How to buy a ticket?

The ticket is purchased by choosing a desired category from Travel, Parks of Croatia, Events and Excursions on www.croatia-tickets.com

Travel category: user selects a route on which he wishes to travel, the date and type of transport, transport provider, and adds a ticket in the cart.

Parks of Croatia category: user selects a national park he wants to visit and adds a ticket in the cart.

Events / Culture category: user is offered all the events within the category, but there is also an option to choose the subcategory to make the browse easier.

Excursions category: the buyer chooses the trip and adds it to the cart.

I bought my ticket online. What is the next step?

When you have made the purchase, if the transaction is successfully completed, on the screen you will get a message that the transaction has been successfully completed and the ticket and invoice have been sent to your e-mail. After that you print the ticket in the format you get it in the e-mail (PDF format) and come with it to the location you bought it for. The ticket has to be presented to and checked (validated) by the authorized person at the entrance in order to use the services that you have bought through Croatia Tickets service.

Do I have to print my ticket and show it at entrance?

In case you are unable to print a ticket, you can present it in one of the smart gadgets (mobile, tablet, etc ...). Since the ticket in the mail comes in PDF format, it is easy to view it on the smart gadget. For some services a printed ticket is required and they do not allow entry if the ticket is presented on the smart device. In such cases the ticket will contain a special note that it must be printed and the user will thus be notified.

What to do if I accidentally lose the e-mail with certain ticket?

If you lose the e-mail with a ticket, you can use your user name (your email) and password you received when you purchased tickets.
It is necessary to open the page for user logging where you enter the user name (your email) and password you received when you purchased tickets. After that, click on the link Your Tickets & Accounts and at the top center of the screen you will find the ticket and the invoice that you bought through Croatia Tickets service.

Another way to recovery tickets and invoices to your e-mail is to contact customer support.

How to search for nearby events or destinations when I am on my holiday?

After buying a ticket, within 10 minutes the system automatically sends the ticket, together with an invoice on your e-mail address that was entered during payment. When checking e-mail, be sure to check your spam folder because in certain situations an email with a ticket can end up in these folders.

In case you do not find the e-mail with the ticket and the invoice in the spam folder, please contact customer service via the form for technical support.

What are the ways of paying? Can I pay using credit cards or PayPal?

Croatia Tickets accepts the following cards:
  • Master Card (Master Card offers additional discount on certain services)
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Discover
PayPal payment option is still not available, and its enablement is expected in the coming updates of the system.

In addition, payment in installments is available when the aggregate amount is higher than 500 HRK.
The number of installments is determined by the bank and varies depending on the type of credit card.

What to do if I bought the ticket and I am not able to come? How can I have my money back? Can I change the date of coming?

The user is able to request a refund or to change the date of arrival at the location for which he bought a ticket.
To do this you need to contact customer service via the form for technical support.

What number I have to call if I have additional questions?

The Croatia Tickets technical support is available 365 days a year from 8h to 24h via the form of technical support.

Telephone support is available from Monday to Friday from 8h to 16h on the phone number +385 21 352 972